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TheGreenBow VPN Client Local Stack Overflow

Sense of Security - Security Advisory - SOS-10-001 security advisory

Release Date.                  21-Jan-2010
Last Update.                   03-Feb-2010
Vendor Notification Date.      11-Dec-2009
Product.                       TheGreenBow VPN Client
Platform.                      Microsoft Windows
Affected versions.             4.65.003, 4.51.001 verified and 
                               possibly others.
Severity Rating.               High
Impact.                        System access
Attack Vector.                 Local
Solution Status.               Vendor patch
CVE reference.                 CVE-2010-0392

TheGreenBow is an IPsec VPN client that sets up a secure channel
for data transport.

TheGreenBow VPN Client is vulnerable to a local stack based buffer
overflow, which can lead to the compromise of a vulnerable system.
The vulnerability is caused due to a boundary error when processing
certain sections of tgb (policy) files. Passing an overly long 
string to "OpenScriptAfterUp" will trigger the overflow. 

Successful exploitation results in the execution of arbitrary code.

A patch is available from the vendor and will be included in the
next release. 

The patch can be downloaded from:

Discovered by.
Brett Gervasoni from SOS Labs.
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