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Sense of Security – Security Advisory – SOS-13-003 – Juniper Junos J-Web Privilege Escalation Vulnerability.


Release Date. 10-Sep-2013

Last Update. –

Vendor Notification Date. 27-Sep-2012

Product. Juniper Junos J-Web

Platform. Junos

Affected versions. All builds prior to 2013-02-28 are affected

Severity Rating. Medium

Impact. Privilege escalation

Attack Vector. From remote with read-only authentication

Solution Status. Vendor patch (not verified by SOS)

Disable J-Web or limit access

CVE reference. CVE- Not yet assigned



The J-Web is a GUI based network management application used on Junos devices.

The web application is vulnerable to a remote code execution vulnerability which permits privilege escalation. The file /jsdm/ajax/port.php allows execution of arbitrary user supplied PHP code via the rs POST parameter. Code executes with UID=0 (root) privileges, however you are confined to a chroot. Privilege escalation can be achieved by waiting for an administrator to log in and reading the contents of /tmp to hijack their session.


Proof of Concept.

Code execution: Execute a command inside the Chroot:
POST /jsdm/ajax/port.php
rs=exec&rsargs[]=echo “hello”

Privilege escalation: Read /tmp and hijack a session
POST /jsdm/ajax/port.php



All Junos OS software releases built on or after 2013-02-28 have fixed this specific issue. This fix has not been validated by SOS. As a workaround disable J-Web, or limit access to only trusted hosts. This issue is being tracked as PR 826518 and is visible on the Juniper Customer Support website.


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Sense of Security Labs.


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