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Presentation: Blackhat AISA 2018 – Arsenal Presentation AD Recon

ADRecon will help businesses meet compliance standards & identify security threats. The tool extracts information from the Active Directory (AD) and generates a cohesive report in Microsoft Excel, providing businesses with valuable information regarding the effectiveness of their AD configuration.

Weak passwords, unauthorised user access, outdated/dormant user accounts and weak policies are all common catalysts for security breaches. ADRecon will help organisations identify these shortcomings and address any compliance issues present in the directory.

ADRecon makes it convenient for security professionals to access information pertaining to their AD environment, by providing a generated raw report, as well as visual aids such as graphs which summarise valuable information to assists CIOs in making security decisions.

Compliance issues such as generic accounts and lockout policies, dormant users, and users whose passwords are stored with reversible encryption can all be identified by the ADRecon reports. This information can then be used to tidy up an Active Directory, by removing users, computers and DNS records no longer required.

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