Database Security

Database servers have become the foundation of today’s systems. Demand for online and real time access to information has brought database systems closer to the perimeter where they are increasingly being used to hold more and more sensitive information. eg. financial data, personal data and credit card numbers. This makes them more vulnerable than they have ever been before. Hackers are realizing this and actively targeting organizations’ “crown jewels”.

Databases are extremely complex systems and difficult to correctly configure and secure. Most DBA’s have a full time job administering the complexities of these systems. As a result serious security vulnerabilities and mis-configurations frequently go unchecked or completely undetected.

To understand your organisation’s security exposure, it is vital to conduct a thorough assessment of your database servers before deployment, and then on a defined regular schedule. Sense of Security are experts at compliance auditing, detailed configuration reviews (host security assessment), and vulnerability assessments and penetration tests focused on different database platforms and technologies. eg. SQL, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, DB2

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