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Cyber Security News Wrap-up 02/06-08/06

It’s time for our cyber security news wrap-up of the week. Here are the stories that caught our attention this week.

a) Recruitment cloud service provider PageUp People, has announced its systems have been compromised after a malware attack.

The company believes client data may have been compromised, but cannot confirm until a forensic investigation is undertaken.

The company’s clients include names such as the Reserve Bank of Australia, Victoria University, Linfox and Lindt.

b) Family genealogy website MyHeritage has earlier this week announced a breach that took place in October last year, which leaked the data of over 92 million users.

The breach consists of email addresses and hashed passwords of users.

CIO Omer Deutsch has stated the company has set up an Information Security Incident Response Team to investigate the incident.

MyHeritage will also roll out two-factor authentication to users, as well as set up a 24/7 security customer support team to assist users with concerns.

c) Facebook is headlining cyber security news again this week, with the announcement of its data sharing partnerships with as least four Chinese companies including Huawei and Lenovo Group.

The companies, along with 60 others worldwide, have been revealed to have access to some user data after signing contracts to re-create Facebook like experiences for users.

Facebook has stated the reason for this is to allow users to access account features on mobile devices.

Vice-president of mobile partnerships for Facebook Francisco Varela said “Facebook, along with many other US tech companies have worked with them and other Chinese manufracturers to integrate their services onto these phones.

“Given the interest from Congress, wanted to make clear that all the information from these integrations with Huawei was stored on the device, not on Huawei’s servers.”




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