How to Design and Operate a DDoS Testing Program

Despite significant investment in DDoS mitigation technologies, organisations seldom validate the effectiveness of the solutions as most vulnerability management programs focus on vulnerability scanning and pen testing.

This half-day course will deliver an effective approach to validate your defences against all forms of DDoS including the ability to simulate attacks, measure your response and determine if your operational practices are working.

In this tutorial we cover the following topics:

  • Understanding the basics – Attack Vectors
  • Misconceptions – why these solutions still leave you exposed
  • What your SOC/NOC/MSP sees when attackers strike
  • The case for automation vs. Manual Verification
  • Defeating DDOS Mitigations
  • Demo of Attacks against Misconfigured Defenses or Incomplete Defenses
  • What to Include in your DDOs Testing Program

Most noteworthy, our courses have been conducted at some of Australia’s and the Region’s leading conferences.

To learn more about this service download our DDoS data sheet.

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