Secure Mobile Application Design, Development and Penetration Testing Training

Mobile applications and web services have become an essential element of enterprise solutions. Many companies provide their web services to end users with mobile platforms, devices and services. Unfortunately mobile platforms and web services have many security weaknesses. Compatibility for different mobile platforms, weak integration of platform security technologies, insufficient protection of private information and insecure corporate service access are major concerns. Because of these business risks, secure mobile application and web service design, development and testing procedures should be used by business managers, software developers, auditors and security engineers.

This Secure Mobile Application Development Testing Training will cover (Datasheet):

  • Mobile security 101: iOS, Android, Windows
  • Overview of mobile SDLC and common pitfalls
  • Embedding of security processes and tools within mobile SDLC
  • Preparing a mobile pen-test lab: iOS, Android, Windows
  • Auditing platform integration of mobile applications
  • Data storage and security features of mobile applications
  • Transport and communication security features of mobile applications
  • Reverse engineering and debugging mobile applications
  • Rogue service usage for mobile application testing
  • Implementing advanced security controls implemented in robust mobile applications

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