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Security Advisory – SOS-11-004 – cPassMan 1.82 – Arbitrary file download

Release Date: 15-Apr-2011

Last Update:

Vendor Notification Date: 07-Mar-2011

Product: Collaborative Passwords Manager (cPassMan)

Platform: Independent (PHP)

Affected versions: 1.82 (verified), and possibly others

Severity Rating: Medium

Impact: Local file system access

Attack Vector: Remote without authentication

Solution Status: Upgrade to v2.0, v1.x branch no longer updated

CVE reference: Not yet assigned


A vulnerability has been discovered in the Collaborative Passwords Manager (cPassMan) web application that can be exploited to retrieve files from the local host file system.

The input passed to the component “sources/downloadfile.php” via the “path” variable allows the retrieval of any file on the local file system that the web server has access to. There is no data validation or authorisation mechanisms present within this component.

Please refer to the PDF version of this advisory  for proof of concept code examples.


The author (Nils Laumaillé) has indicated that the v1.x branch of cPassMan will no longer be updated, as he has rewritten the application and v2.0 is now the recommended release.

Discovered By

Kaan Kivilcim from Sense of Security Labs.

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