The Business Case for Dynamic Risk Assessment

Risk Management is a discipline with an extensive heritage. Directors need to have visibility into all aspects regarding the running of the business so that they can make informed decisions about the direction of the business. Effective risk management allows directors to improve shareholder value and ensure the business is viable in the years to come.

Moving forward we need to adopt assessment methods that are going to give a higher degree of assurance that we are identifying realistic vectors through which the business may be subjected to attack. At Sense of Security (SOS) we call these Dynamic Risk Assessments (DRA). This type of assessment is based on the premise that we are not stifled by prescriptive rules, a spreadsheet listing the methods we must use, or having meetings with any number of stakeholders who may not disclose the true state of affairs for fear of losing credibility or possibly their job! We have a systematic approach to conducting the assessment.

To learn more, read our Dynamic Risk Assessments article that was written by our COO Murray Goldschmidt and published in the September edition of the RMIA magazine, conference edition.

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