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Three Sense of Security team members presenting at AusCert 2020

We are pleased to announce that three of our Sense of Security team members will be presenting at the virtual AusCert 2020 conference.

Our Principal Security Consultant Willem Mouton and Senior Security Consultant Ayman Sagy will present “Orchestrated Containers and How to Hack Them”.  This presentation focuses on attack paths we take, and points of interest we look at when performing orchestrated containerised environment security reviews. It looks at common mistakes and low-hanging fruit in network configurations and authorisation policies, as well as supplemental configurations and automated policy enforcement to harden your environment and raise the bar.

Also, our COO Murray Goldschmidt, will be presenting on  “Zero to Pown3d & No 0Days – A critical infrastructed red team case study”. We are delivering this presentation as a case study of a Red Team assessment that we undertook at a client of ours – a critical infrastructure operator in Australia. This session will have all the excitement and drama of a James Bond thriller. How we pivoted and escalated our way to total critical system control compromise. This presentation is sure to be a show stopper! 

Willem and Ayman’s presentation will be held on Friday, 18 September from 12.50 pm – 1.30 pm. Murray’s presentation will be held on Thursday, 17 September from 1.10 pm – 1.50 pm.

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