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Security Advisory – Google Active Directory Sync Tool Vulnerability


Sense of Security – Security Advisory – SOS-13-001

Release Date. 03-Apr-2013
Last Update.
Vendor Notification Date. 03-Sep-2012
Product. Google Active Directory Sync (GADS) Tool
Platform. Windows, Linux, Solaris
Affected versions. All versions up to 3.1.3
Severity Rating. High
Impact.  Exposure of sensitive information
Attack Vector. From local without authentication
Solution Status. Upgrade to version 3.1.6
CVE reference. CVE- Not yet assigned



Due to a weakness in the way the Java encryption algorithm (PBEwithMD5andDES) has been implemented in the GADS tool all stored credentials can be decrypted into plain-text. This includes all of the encrypted passwords stored in any end-users saved XML configuration file, such as Active Directory accounts, SMTP, Proxy details, LDAP and OAuth tokens, etc.


Proof of Concept.

Using the following information from the XML and GADS tool to decrypt all encrypted passwords from any XML:

1. The hard coded salt:
SALT[] = { -87, -101, -56, 50, 86, 53, -29, 3 }


2. The hard coded DES interation count:


3. The Secret key derived from the uniqueID value in the XML:


4. The cipher-text from the XML:


5. The algorithm:


The decrypted value is: winning!



Install the latest version (3.1.6) of the Google Active Directory Sync tool.


Discovered by.

Nathaniel Carew from Sense of Security Labs.