Managed Services

Sense of Security supports the needs of clients that require regular assistance for ongoing security projects through various managed services.

Security knowledge is specialised and experts are in constant high-demand. Consequently, many Enterprises are finding it more convenient and cost-effective to engage with providers on a consistent and regular basis through managed services.

Sense of Security consultants are respected and often treated like internal security team members among our clients. As a result, this makes for a seamless and productive outcome.

Our managed service options include:

With threat and vulnerability management systems running in harmony, the exposure of the network is greatly reduced. Therefore bringing security, reliability and availability to the enterprise network. Sense of Security has many years of experience in protecting enterprise networks through our effective threat and risk management programs. We can assist with the development of a vulnerability management process through to the selection of appropriate supporting tools.

A well prepared Incident Response (IR) Plan is paramount against today’s threat landscape. Therefore, Sense of Security offers a comprehensive service that dramatically improves Incident Response maturity levels. It includes a dedicated 24 x 7 x 365 Incident Response hotline for peace of mind. Giving you access to the resources and knowledge you need to help execute your IR plan to perfection.

Containers have broad appeal because they allow users to easily package an application, and all its dependencies, into a single image that can be promoted from development, to test, and to production—without change.

DDoS is now considered one of the primary threat types facing virtually every industry and business area that is exposed to the public Internet.

Most organisations are still struggling to transition from DevOps to DevSecOps. Due to that reason, Sense of Security’s SecOps offering provides real-time visibility with flexible reporting options to provide you all the coverage you need around managing the security of your public cloud deployments.