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Mulled over business plans, and zealously defined mission statements are all well and good if a company’s lot in business life isn’t all that obvious.

Ours is. We began at a time when clients started seeking the services of a type of company that had not existed before. What we have become, the skills we have built up, the expertise we have learnt and the engagement methods we use, began taking shape with the needs of our very first clients.

Each client since has shaped who we are and what we do. When we opened our doors in 2002 information technology had just shaken off its image of being many singular applications working together and was beginning to run the entire enterprise. In addition, the internet and web access were emerging technologies that required connectivity into core business systems.

The IT world was changing from being a closed fortress with strong controls and limitations to external access to an open internet-enabled world. Threats from the external environment were evolving rapidly.

As its staggering capabilities now touched every person, every process, and every decision, its dangerously risky faults were being exposed.

Security of the enterprise, and the risk management of all potential weaknesses was becoming of age.

These risks were moving away from daily alert items for information technology support staff, and on to the boardroom table as a vital activity in protecting the firm’s value, profits and business growth agendas.

Uniquely we have the skills to both carry out the highly technical work of shoring up the enterprise from attacks from without, and within, as well as the senior business levels skills of communication so all stakeholders will understand what is being done and why.

Again our clients have given shape to how we work, with many insisting that we join their senior divisional managers in formulating their annual security strategy and fine-tuning it each month with action.

This ability to communicate at all levels is unique in this industry which is moving in a general technical only direction. As well as our highly specialised technical doyens certified in the products they implement, the team includes senior staff from the big four accounting firms, IT security consultancies, and investment banks.

To discuss the specialist security skills and expertise we can bring to your next project, or to support your ongoing management needs, please contact us on 1300 922 923 or complete the enquiry form by pressing the button below.

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