IT Security Services

IT Security Services

The world is changing at pace, and so too are the risks to your information assets and business. Online applications, cloud computing and mobility are the new technology paradigms that both the public and private sectors are adopting in growing numbers. This is happening in a period where the value of information is increasingly considered a major organisational asset.

The change of technology use is occurring in a global environment where the threat landscape has intensified and the likelihood of an unsolicited attack on an organisation’s information systems, regardless of size or industry, has increased significantly.

Incidents of cyber-attack, cyber espionage, ransomware, insider threat and Hacktivism are reported by the media frequently. Australia is not immune to this trend with many security breaches cited over the past 12 month period alone. Many of these incidents were the direct result of a weakness (vulnerability) in a technology, people or a process.

Accordingly, organisations are faced with the task of ensuring that their technology platforms are designed, integrated, and operationalised in a secure manner.

To ensure that security objectives are met stakeholders need to partner with a specialist security firm with proven capability and credentials in threat analysis, vulnerability assessment and solution design. Sense of Security is that partner.

In an age of marketing “spin” when it is becoming increasingly difficult to discern between genuine information security consultancies and those that have decided to “give-it-a-go”. Qualifying a company’s tenure, scale, geographical representation, its dedicated test laboratories, industry recognised certifications and defined assessment methods are all key attributes to confirming a firm’s professionalism and genuine specialist capability.

Sense of Security was founded in 2002; and has developed a world class technical assessment and assurance practice supported by well-defined service and quality assurance methodologies, and a self-funded research laboratory. Furthermore we are pleased to be one of the first consulting firms in the APAC region that is a CREST Approved Company. The Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST) exists to serve the needs of a global information security marketplace that increasingly requires the services of a regulated and professional security testing capability.

As an IT security services company we provide managed IT security services and help your organisation to achieve its IT security compliance as well as assist in building and developing an IT security policy. IT security services is a very broad and often confusing area for most organisations. Sense of Security, as an IT and cyber security consulting organisation can help to implement security measures and bring your organisation up to date with all requirements and provide you with a Sense of Security tailored to your organisation.

Our services are used by many major names in the Banking and Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Service Provider sectors as well as Resources, Utilities and Telecommunications. In the public arena we conduct business with Local, State and Federal governments.

To discuss how our specialist security services can help your organisation support your IT security assessment and assurance needs please contact us on 1300 922 923 or complete the enquiry form by pressing the button below.

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