Telecom Security and Penetration Testing

Telephone network hacking and fraud is becoming a serious problem in Australia . Each and every day in Australia an organisation suffers a major loss from hackers (average cost $78,000). Anyone with a telephone or voicemail system is at risk.

An attacker who has compromised your system can:

  • Make toll calls at your expense
  • Listen to your voicemail
  • Maliciously reprogram your system
  • On-sell the use of your system to others
  • Disable your organisations voice communications

Sense of Security can pinpoint vulnerabilities and mis-configurations in your system (both traditional PBX/PABX and VoIP based) by performing comprehensive testing and analysis (telecom audit) of your telephone system and voicemail. We use similar tools and techniques that a phreaker (phone hacker) would in our penetration tests. If we can get in so can your competitors, a disgruntled employee or a phreaker. In addition, we complement this with an assessment of your architecture and a review of your security configuration in order to identify ways to improve your robustness to attack.

We produce a comprehensive report covering the approach taken, the techniques applied, and the vulnerabilities identified and make procedural and strategic recommendations to ensure that your systems are secure against future attack. Clients have found this valuable even in cases where we were unsuccessful in penetrating their security.

Telecom Security Services

  • PBX Security Review, Assessment, and Audit
  • PBX Penetration Testing
  • VoIP Security Consulting
  • Analysis of Telephone Fraud and Toll Fraud

PBX Experience

We have broad experience with the following enterprise phone systems:

  • Cisco
  • Avaya
  • Nortel
  • Lucent
  • Alcatel

Ask yourself, When was the last time your telecom security was independently assessed?

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