Wireless Security

In the world of connectivity, wireless networks, specifically 802.11, are gaining popularity as a result of their lower cost, ease of deployment, and flexibility when compared with conventional wired networks. Consequently, this new technology brings with it a set of unique security risks which many organisations fail to consider.

Wireless networks use radio signals to carry network traffic, and are vulnerable to eavesdropping by anyone with a PC and wireless network card. Proper protection needs to be implemented, otherwise the emitted signals can be intercepted kilometres away.

Designing wireless access points focuses on ease of use rather than security. Although security features are usually available, these are commonly disabled by default. Organisations need to implement experts when integrating wireless into their existing network. This is to ensure they are not exposed to new security threats.

As a result, if your company’s IT department hasn’t chosen to deploy wireless technology, can you be sure none of your employees have? An unsecured wireless network can render your existing wired security measures such as firewalls ineffective.

Ensuring that your organisation is not exposed to wireless security threats, it is best to perform routine audits covering all the major spectrums.

Wireless Security Services

  • Test for the presence of wireless access points – As mandated by PCI Requirement 11.1
  • Wireless Site Survey
  • Secure Wireless Design and Implementation
  • Wireless Security Assessment, Review, Audit
  • Wireless Penetration Testing

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