Sense of Security Joins Ranks of BRW’s Fast 100 in 2009

BRW is probably the most respected business journal in Australia. So it is with great pleasure that we announce that Sense of Security has joined the ranks of the BRW Fast 100 – the magazine’s list of Australia’s elite, fastest-growing small and medium businesses of the year.

We are very proud to be recognised in this way by BRW, particularly following, as it does, a year of economic upheaval. Those of you who know us will attest to our quiet demeanours, yet our underlying corporate personality is fiercely competitive. Problem solvers, we thrive on change and revel in discovering solutions to problems that were previously thought intractable.

Our fascination with all aspects of information security has certainly played a part in our success to date. Countering each new risk, enabling our clients to build sustainable, secure businesses brings us enormous pleasure as well as more worldly acknowledgement.

This puts us in an ideal position to counter the security challenges that continue to beset our world.

The motivation behind much malicious activity has changed – where once attacks were largely carried out by disaffected youth for exploratory reasons or bragging rights, organised crime has moved into the cyber-arena and now poses significant threats to those with sensitive information that can be stolen or services that can be disrupted.

In the same way, as the online business community grows, so too do the risks posed to web enabled applications.

Sense of Security plans to be amongst Australia’s leading information security providers for many years to come; we are grateful for the opportunity to serve the business community in this way and look forward to continuing to grow as we continue to innovate.