Sense of Security – DFAT – Partnership

Melbourne-based IT security consultancy, Sense of Security, has been picked up by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to work on the Cyber Cooperation Program to help developing nations in the Indo-Pacific region put together a security policy and suitable cybersecurity governance frameworks.

Sense of Security is only one of a few select vendors working in partnership with the government to help improve the region’s cyber capabilities and aid the federal government in achieving the objectives outlined in its strategy.

Company co-founder and COO Murray Goldschmidt told The Australian that the program will help tackle a key deficiency in cyber resilience at a regional level.

“There’s a lack of sophistication in some jurisdictions in the region and a lot of these countries contribute to the Australian economy,” he said.

“We have been selected to deliver the education component of the government’s program and help regional organisations and businesses understand the scope of the threat.

“Translating the technology risk into business risk is what we do best,” he added.

We are very proud to help the developing nations in the APAC region create cybersecurity policies and governance frameworks. Our aim is to better equip our regional neighbours to face the threat of a cyberattack, The Australian explains.