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Tutorial: Security Automation in DevOps

As enterprises continue to transform their IT methodology through the culture and practices known as DevOps, the need to address security concerns cannot be ignored. With data breaches continuing to make headline news, and much of the cause attributed to software vulnerabilities, the stakes are higher than ever. The market is demanding feature-rich applications, yet at the same time expecting increased security to be baked-in.

Addressing security in a fast-moving DevOps environments is essential, not just for the long-term success of your SDLC, but for the protection of your entire stack of tools and processes. Moreover, the continued expansion of cloud and the rapid release of new DevOps tools is allowing adversaries to take advantage in brand new ways.

Our unique full-day tutorial covers key tactics and techniques for achieving tangible security in your DevOps environment. We cover improved application security tricks, and also the growing need to secure your entire DevOps production system across the “full stack”.


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