What is Cyber Resilience?

Cyber Resilience is a relatively new term that accurately and simply describes the notion that your business needs to be flexible and responsive to cyber attack.

While there are various definitions, we like the one provided by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission:

“Cyber resilience is the ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from a cyber attack. Resilience is more than just preventing or responding to an attack—it also takes into account the ability to operate during, and to adapt and recover, from such an event.”

Beginning with the end in mind, cyber resilience is the intended outcome of cyber risk management and cybersecurity measures.

Traditionally, many enterprises have focussed too heavily on protecting against cyber attacks, but a resilience-based approach is now vital to better adapt to change. Reducing exposure to risk and learning from incidents is where an approach to cyber resilience truly shines.

If your business is not incorporating the advantages of being cyber resilient, you’re missing out. Cyber resilience allows the business to obtain genuine value from its technology choices, and protects the interest of boards, executive managers, staff and shareholders alike. It’s simply good for business.

Providing Cyber Resilience is what the entire Sense of Security team thrives on, and has done for fifteen years. We continue to deliver some of the best thinking and leadership in cyber security to business leaders, backed up by delivery of trusted ethical hacking services currently available.

Cyber resilience is an important term to understand, align and implement within your organisation. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the importance of cyber resilience in relation to your organisation and how we can assist in making your business more Cyber Resilient at any time – simply contact us today.