Engagement Methods

Engagement Methods

Sense of Security takes pride in offering security consulting services relevant to real-world requirements. Equally, we are proud that our dedication to the security industry, and hard work, is recognised and valued by many leading organisations in the Banking and Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Service Provider, Utilities and Telecommunications sectors, to name a few, as well as Local, State and Federal governments.

That said, expert security advice is no longer the province only of the largest enterprises; today, protecting your infrastructure and information assets is vital part of good governance for every company.

Uniquely, our services are not constrained by inflexible engagement models. Our clients choose how to utilise our broad range of skills according to the security objectives and compliance requirements that are relevant to their business.

At a strategic level we can assist with the development of governance frameworks and security awareness initiatives to aid critical decision making for senior stakeholders. These consultations can be performed as one-off engagement or part of a broader program of work which leads to industry recognised certification (e.g. ISO 27001 or PCI DSS). In an oversight capacity you may elect to engage us on a retainer basis.

From a more tactical perspective our deep knowledge in technical security issues can be leveraged to identify vulnerability and risk across the spectrum of technologies including the more traditional to the bleeding edge. Regardless of your area of interest be it mobility, cloud, web services or something really bespoke, we can bring a wealth of credible expertise and experience to provide you with the insight necessary to manage your IT security risk. Assignments can include project based delivery all the way through to a multi-year contract for ongoing expertise and resources. The choice is yours.

As a specialist in the field of information security consultancy and research the value of our services can be hard to quantify. Certainly it goes beyond the fees we charge. Our clients benefit from the sometimes intangible; for example the deep insight we provide, the experience we offer, the research we present.

We have built a reputation on professionalism, integrity and excellence; though we acknowledge that these values are part of our ongoing journey not merely a destination to arrive. We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you. To start a conversation on how we can be of assistance please contact us on 1300 922 923 or complete the enquiry form by pressing the button below.

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