DDoS Testing Services

Denial of Service (Dos) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have continued to gain media attention. Consequently, a number of high profile organisations are coming under attack, globally, regionally and locally. They span across the spectrum of Government , large corporates and also any entity being hosted on cloud plat forms. DDoS is now considered one of the primary threat types facing virtually every industry and business area that is exposed to the public Internet . DDoS has evolved from simple attacks (e.g. sending overwhelming volumes of email) from a single source. Therefore, they are now relatively easily detected and defeated. As a result, attacks have now evolved to come from thousands of compromised agents (bot -nets) acting on behalf of a cyber-criminal or gang.

DDoS Testing

Traditional DDoS attacks have relied upon a single attack method, the pattern across recent attacks demonstrates the escalating use of advanced techniques to maximise disruption, indicating an overall increase in sophistication. Today, the number and types of attack vectors around is simply staggering. As a result, organisations are susceptible to outages across the stack at multiple layers, from web applications to the platforms and networks delivering them. Attackers are now using an array of changing attack methods; continually re-calibrating attacks  dynamically based on responsiveness of target systems and can also launch attacks from a range of sources distributed across the globe.

Sense of Security’s testing services Data Sheet includes:

  • Cloud DNS
  • Cloud DDoS
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Firewall Testing
  • IDS/IPS Testing
  • SIP and VOIP Testing
  • SMTP Testing
  • Web Server Testing & Optimisation
  • DDoS Application Testing
  • IPSEC and SSL VPN Testing

Sense of Security’s DDoS testing is a methodology designed to proactively validate the capability and coverage of your DDoS defence, and the service provider’s or vendor offerings that you may have employed to mitigate such attacks. Our specialist security services can help your organisation with DDoS Testing Services please contact us on 1300 922 923 or complete the enquiry form by pressing the button below.

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