DevOps and SecOps as a managed security service

DevSecOps is currently a big buzzword within the security industry. The basic notion around DevSecOps is to align security amongst both the development department and the operations department. Hence, making security an organisational goal instead of solely a departmental one. Consquently, one major issue with this concept is the ‘Security’ element as most organisations are still stuggling to transition from DevOps to DevSecOps.

Addressing security in a fast-moving DevOps environments is essential for two major reasons. One is due to the long-term success of your SDLC. The other is for the protection of your entire stack of tools and processes. Moreover, the continued expansion of cloud and the rapid release of new DevOps tools is allowing adversaries to take advantage in brand new ways.

Organisations with public cloud deployments and those with highly agile application development programs using a DevOps approach are commonly struggling. This is due to the inability to visualise the security or the environments. As well as the inability to manage reporting against compliance programs (e.g. PCI DSS). Lastly, they find it difficult to ascertain if any outsourced service providers are actually doing what they are contracted to.

Sense of Security’s SecOps offering provides real-time visibility with flexible reporting options to provide you all the coverage you need around managing the security of your public cloud deployments.

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