As containers continue their march into the IT mainstream, one of the big fear factors that skeptics may cite is a familiar one: Security. The biggest misunderstanding is that containers are inherently insecure. Indeed, it’s a major misconception, one we saw with the advent of cloud computing. Is cloud security important? Absolutely. Does that mean cloud environments are inherently insecure? Of course not. A similar principle is in play as containerization grows inside enterprise IT shops.

Containers have broad appeal because they allow users to easily package an application, and all its dependencies, into a single image that can be promoted from development, to test, and to production—without change. Containers make it easy to ensure consistency across environments and multiple deployment targets like physical servers, virtual machines (VMs), and private or public clouds. This helps teams more easily develop and manage the applications that deliver business value.

Our container security presentation outlines what containers are, how they benefit an organisation and the steps you need to take to secure them.

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