Cyber Health Check

Measuring Enterprise levels of Cyber Resilience is paramount, and one of the best ways is with a Cyber Health Check.

It has never been a better time since the introduction of Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy, announced on April 2016 by the Federal Government – this new policy highlights the importance of the public and private sectors working together.

As an example, in November 2016 in a joint effort between ASIC and the ASX, a “Cyber Health Check” for ASX Top 100 companies was released. This  voluntary survey was launched with the purpose of extracting a baseline of cyber security knowledge from key executives and boards of the best performing companies in Australia.

We believe the Cyber Health Check applies equally as well to businesses of any size. Moreover, increased Government scrutiny is going to apply to all businesses anyway in the near future, and those that thrive will do so by demonstrating their leadership in cyber resilience.

Originally modelled from the UK FTSE 350 Cyber Governance Health Check which has been running for a number of years, a Cyber Health Check can monitor cyber resilience over time and for many CIO’s and CISO’s can prove useful for triggering much needed management buy-in from the board and other executives.

Sense of Security has a range of services designed to support Enterprise’s embarking on the journey to complete cyber resilience starting with a Cyber Health Check and also including a Board Level Advisory where required.

Benefits of a Cyber Health Check

A Cyber Health Check is a valuable tool that can quickly establish and identify high-level areas of concern, and monitor them over time.

  • How much cyber knowledge does your board have?
  • How well do you truly understand all the threats and cyber risks?
  • Are your Cyber Risk Management processes mature enough?
  • How well are you responding to cyber incidents when they occur?

The Cyber Health Check can raise important questions as it focusses on executive management’s knowledge and awareness of key areas of the Enterprise.

Board Level & Executive Knowledge

Determining if regular briefings at Board/C-level are in place to ensure proper governance and awareness of the critical cyber security issues.

Governance & Cyber Risk Management

Whether you are leveraging established cyber security frameworks and standards in your favour for the ultimate in cyber resilience.

Technical Due Care & Diligence

Ensuring the existence of technical discipline and follow through in your enterprise; making sure security is a consideration in every aspect of process design.

Operational Awareness & Training

Checking the effectiveness of internal and external facing communications processes, as well as the quality of cyber security training for all staff and stakeholders.

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The Future of Cyber Resilience

In the face of almost daily data breaches in the news, the importance of enterprise-wide cyber resilience is becoming better understood by executive management.

Mandatory data breach notification laws in Australia are set to come into effect in February 2018 and when combined with similar International laws, such as the EU’s GDPR effective from May 2018, there are many compelling reason why your Enterprise needs to be prepared and organised. If you require further information on security compliance related to privacy laws, learn more here.

As we’ve seen in the UK with their cyber security initiatives in recent years, future Cyber Health Check reporting to government may also need to include details of cyber incidents as well.

There’s wide-spread agreement that Cyber Resilience will soon be the market advantage you can’t afford not to have. Starting with a Cyber Health Check makes sense.

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