Information Security Manual (ISM) and IRAP

The Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM), issued by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), outlines an approach to assist Australian government agencies in applying controls which are designed to protect information assets and ICT systems from security related incidents.  In addition, (Information Security Registered Assessors Program) IRAP Assessors employed by Sense of Security are suitably qualified professionals endorsed by ASD to provide ICT security assessment services to government.

The ISM complements The Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) which provides the appropriate controls for the Australian Government to protect its people, information and assets, at home and overseas. The PSPF provides policy, guidance and better practice advice for governance, personnel, physical and information security.

Sense of Security’s consultants have demonstrable experience and capability to assist government agencies, and supporting organisations, in adopting and implementing the ISM as part of their information security governance framework.

Our services can be tactical in nature. For example, we can perform an initial “current state” assessment on the environment for which the ISM will apply. Alternatively, our engagement can be more comprehensive and include the initial consultation, performance of a risk assessment, and development of a controls register supported by a road-map implementation plan.

The manner for which our valued clientele can elect to engage our ISM services is not constrained by an inflexible consultancy or advisory model. We welcome the opportunity to customise a professional services solution that aligns to needs of your assignment.

IRAP Assessors

Furthermore, when your ISM implementation has been integrated, Sense of Security can facilitate IRAP Assessors to check for compliance with Australian Government information security standards and policy documents. An IRAP assignment typically includes:

  • Gateway certifications
  • Network/system assessments
  • Gatekeeper assessments
  • FedLink audits, and
  • FedLink connection assessments

Regardless if your organisation has an active ISM program, or if you’re in the early planning stages and would like to initiate a discussion; we welcome your contact nationally on 1300-922-923 or by contacting us at any time.

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