Cyber Security Policy & Framework

Strengthening your organisation by seeking expert advice and embedding security in every management decision is the foundation of tangible cyber resilience.

Sense of Security has decades of experience providing specialist advice, helping securing Australia’s best known brands, as well as Government agencies at Federal, State, and Local level.

Organisations who avoid managing cyber security risks diligently, or those who proceed without expert assistance, do so at their own peril.

Don’t let your Enterprise or Agency be the next News Headline.

It could be as simple as Ransomware that spreads across your network, or as complex as a nation state actor – the risks are wide and varied; a good cyber security policy and framework along with technical know-how is critical.

Sense of Security has been successfully advising clients and formulating security policy and governance frameworks for over fifteen years.

We believe that what our consultants can’t achieve for your organisation in the domain of security is unlikely to be found elsewhere:

  • Establish a high level overview of cyber security capability for threat prevention, detection and response across your entire organisation.
  • Define and develop a target state capability for cyber security resilience including the responsibilities within your organisation.
  • Identify the shared responsibility model between you and third parties, such as cloud service, network and platform providers.
  • Help you understand the role of your organisation in the broader cyber security ecosystem – as a consumer, or supplier.

Sense of Security delivers many types of successful Cyber Security Policy & Framework outcomes:

  • Structured and well-conceived cyber security measures implemented across people, process and technology.
  • Overview of cyber security measures deployed including externally sourced cyber security services.
  • Setting out your current state of cyber security readiness including threat prevention, detection and incident response capability.
  • Provide roadmaps and strategy referenced to industry accepted benchmarks and models.
  • Making recommendations on the most effective actions to strengthen overall cyber resilience levels.
  • Advanced cyber operating model incorporating threat intelligence, security awareness, and continuous monitoring vulnerability management services.
  • Defining, developing and implementing security operations centres.
  • Recommendations on exchanging data and conducting information exchange within your industry.

We achieve great results for our clients through expert knowledge, hard work and a genuine commitment to always improve your cyber resilience:

  • Close engagement with your organisation is intrinsically personalised and always relevant. We work tirelessly to align with your strategic direction to provide best practice security, and to create a bespoke framework that gets tangible results.
  • Intensive information gathering and engagement with CISOs, CIOs and stakeholders means we can dive-deep on the real issues.
  • For Government agencies, we have a thorough working knowledge of whole of government approaches to cyber security used in other jurisdictions.

Cyber Resilience Begins Here

Getting started with a security program that provides tangible results, and isn’t just based on “tick-box” compliance is hard work, but the rewards are well worth it. Peace of mind and recognition in your industry or sector are just the start as your organisation matures and begins to lead the way for others.

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