DevOps Security Automation Training

First of all, addressing security in a fast-moving DevOps environments is essential, not just for the long-term success of your SDLC, but for the protection of your entire stack of tools and processes.

For that reason, this full-day (or two-day) tutorial examines ways of integrating security into DevOps environments by looking at opportunities at each stage of the development pipeline. Above all, the core focus is on automating repeatable security tasks allowing “low-hanging-fruit” issues to be remediated without human intervention.

Therefore, in this tutorial we cover the following topics:

  • Understanding the motivations for providing security in high-velocity DevOps environments.
  • Securing the entire DevOps system and ensuring risk is managed according to appetite.
  • A defense-in-depth approach for improving code quality and detecting defects earlier.
  • Identifying known-vulnerable third-party libraries and managing the supply chain risk.
  • Using continuous monitoring tools to detect changes across the entire DevOps stack.
  • Self-healing management and remediation of misconfiguration, and enforcing policies.
  • Custom solutions versus existing platforms and tools to get immediate results.
  • A methodology for crawl, walk and run; ways to ensure a path to DevSecOps maturity.

Furthermore, we finish the tutorial with a real-world attack simulation involving a DevOps stack hosted on Amazon AWS, demonstrating the tactics and automated techniques you have learned.

DevOps Security Automation Tutorial

Certainly you will learn in this tutorial the following methods to use in your DevOps environment.

Application Security

  • Best Practice Awareness
  • Coding Helpers and IDE Tools
  • Developer Sandboxing
  • Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST)
  • Dynamic Analysis Security Testing (DAST)

OS/Networking Protection

  • Visualisation of Network Configuration
  • Continuous Monitoring Techniques
  • Alerting of non-compliant environments

Platform Resilience

  • Auto-enforcement of Con guration Policy
  • Self-healing & automated platform tools
  • Server-less event driven security

Most noteworthy, our courses have been conducted at some of Australia’s and the Region’s leading conferences.

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Furthermore, a Datasheet on this tutorial is available here.

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