Operational Security Principles Training

IT Operations is an area where security may be easily taken for granted. Each area is usually managed by a separate team, and while it may be assumed that security is a priority in each area, this is not always the case.

Throughout areas such as networking, storage, communications, Windows and wireless operations there are best practices and concepts that enable daily IT operations to occur without unnecessary risk to your organisation’s valuable information.

Each area of IT operations has its own threats, vulnerabilities and risks. Accordingly, different technologies and controls may be available to provide increased security.

IT Operations Security training may be key to educating your staff and administrators to create and maintain a secure information environment.

Sense of Security has expertise in all areas of operational security. Our security consultants have diverse skills and experience, extensive knowledge of security, as well as hands-on technical experience in the latest operational and network penetration testing techniques. Consultants regularly present their research to the broader security community and conduct security awareness workshops to help organisations operate in a more secure manner.

SOS consultants deliver interactive, instructor-led training in a workshop environment at the SOS office or on-site at a client’s premises. All workshop content is based on industry best practices and core standards adjusted and personalised to your company’s needs to ensure a greater degree of applicability. Content is innovative, comprehensive and results-oriented.

Our courses have been well received by many of Australia’s leading banking and financial services, healthcare and telecommunication organisations.

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