Secure Web Application Development Training

Many organisations today are exposing data and critical business services to untested or insecure applications. As a result, Web applications have become a major hunting ground for cyber criminals who quite rightly view them as low hanging fruit.

Too often application developers are focused on functionality and time to market pressures that prevent them from understanding the security implications of their actions. Security awareness training is the key to empowering your web application developers and administrators.

Sense of Security deliver training in interactive instructor led workshop environments at the clients premise. All workshop content is based on industry and best practice standards (i.e. OWASP) at its core, but we also adapt the content to the customers needs to ensure a greater degree of applicability. Our courses have been delivered to many of Australia’s leading banking and financial services, healthcare and telecommunication organisations.

Our instructors are of the highest calibre with deep background in application development (e.g. .Net, Java, PHP, etc.) and security, as well as hands on technical skills in the latest application penetration testing techniques.

Note: While not the primary objective, this training will meet the PCI DSS requirement 6.5.a.

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