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Red teaming

An often overlooked avenue is your physical security and the human factor. This training introduces the more holistic approach to information security testing, beyond targeted penetration testing, to simulate more closely real-world attacks.

Course overview

Corporate Australia is spending large sums of money on protecting their networks, systems and applications. Traditional approaches have focused on using targeted penetration testing to validate whether controls are working and key information assets are protected.

Red teaming simulates more closely how unconstrained real-world attacks take place from key threat actors such as state-sponsored attackers, terrorists, organised crime gangs, corporate spies and other nefarious individuals.

The training will teach you the advanced techniques used in the wild to compromise corporate environments, and the measures you can take to further bolster your information security both physically and virtually. This training has been prepared based on lessons learnt from investigating real-world intrusions, and our experience as consultants successfully executing red teaming assignments against corporate Australia. The training is conducted by industry experts and illustrated with case studies, short videos, and many images of real-world weaknesses for discussion. There is also hands-on time with some of the tools used in this field.

The old adage that your security is only as strong as its weakest link is just as relevant today. Organisations are spending too much on digital defences whilst overlooking attacks against your staff and the physical security controls in your premises.

This tutorial will teach you how to scope or conduct realistic tests, focus your analytical mind and critical eye, and allow you to implement simple changes to fortify your corporate environments.

The tutorial is suited to those responsible for physical security, conducting security testing, auditors, risk managers, or those interested in contemporary attacks and countermeasures.

Our courses have been conducted at some of Australia’s leading conferences.

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