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DDoS security training

Learn why DoS and DDoS testing is a process, not an event
Configuring your system well and testing it once is not an effective DDoS protection program. As the word ‘program’ suggests, DDoS resilience is a process, not an event. You must train your team to test your DDoS protection, implement changes and validate your defences on an ongoing basis.

Security training: How to design and operate a DDoS testing program

A DDoS attack could cripple your network, shut down your online sales pipeline and cut-off any communication with your clients immediately.

Let us show you how to test your DDoS protection and validate its effectiveness. You’ll learn how to simulate attacks, measure your response, and determine if your operational practices are working effectively.

This half-day course can be delivered at your premises or at our offices.

The course covers the following essentials:

  • Attack vectors – understanding the basics
  • Why one-size-fits-all solutions leave you exposed
  • How to identify different types of attacks
  • Automation vs manual verification
  • Mitigating the impact of DDoS attacks
  • A demonstration of attacks against misconfigured or incomplete defences, and
  • What to include in your DDOs testing program.

Sense of Security’s experience has allowed us to build credible and effective training that will inform you about DDoS attacks and DDoS testing services. Download our DDoS data sheet.

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In addition to training, we offer board-level advisory sessions to ensure your board is on board with cyber security.

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