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Training Courses

Board-level security awareness

Integrate cyber security with your business objectives. Let our consultants advise your board members on how to understand and manage the risk profile of your business.

Board-level advisory sessions

To ensure that their businesses continue to grow sustainably, boards and directors must address cyber challenges, opportunities and risks alongside other threats. Cyber security is a primary business risk that demands a comprehensive board focus.

Sense of Security’s board-level advisory services help you understand how effectively you are managing the cyber security of your business.

Sense of Security provides clarity to the board on higher-level objectives, compliance, changes in the market and risk management.

Our governance, risk and strategy experts act as your board’s advisory team and can assist your board to:

  • Improve current governance frameworks
  • Evaluate boards and committees to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in risk and strategy, meeting effectiveness, reporting, and stakeholder engagement
  • Guide the development of board support tools including policies, processes and procedures.

At board-level advisory sessions, we will:

  • Present easy-to-understand industry and business-specific cyber-security threats and risk management strategies
  • Identify security challenges
  • Advise you on cyber-security governance and compliance (your business’s cyber-security framework)
  • Develop a positioning paper tailored to your business.

We will help you translate this information into actions, and provide relevant feedback to help your board make informed decisions.

We work with you

Boards who take cyber security risk seriously are uniquely positioned to help management tackle cyber-security risk.

When you partner with us, you benefit from our extensive knowledge and skills as we develop your business’s cyber security, from board-level down.

As one of Australia’s top cyber-security consultancies, we offer nearly 20 years’ experience in the technical, commercial and regulatory aspects of cyber security.

For a strictly confidential discussion around cyber advisory for boards and directors, call us on 1300 922 923 or make an enquiry today.