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Threat and vulnerability management

Companies must be better equipped to scrutinise their cybersecurity vulnerabilities and failings. The objective is to reduce the overall exposure of the organisation. Simply put, if there are fewer vulnerabilities on the network there is less chance that something will get compromised.

Vulnerability Management Framework

The problem is the volume of data that the modern organisation needs to deal with. From vulnerability scanning reports, to threat feeds, product updates and detection avoidance techniques being adopted by malware, the job of the security analyst has never been harder. And the stakes have never been higher. Every vulnerability left unattended to presents a potential entry vector into your network. However, fixing all the issues isn’t possible. So where do you start? And how do you prioritise what needs to be done?

This is where a managed Vulnerability Management service pays dividends.

We can help you develop an effective vulnerability management framework that will enable you to:

The modern enterprise information system is a highly complex. The complexity gives rise to a multi-faceted network of devices and applications all potentially presenting an attack vector or entry point into the network.

As a result, over time different threats will emerge, each with their own capability to test the defence mechanisms of the organisation.

  • establish an appropriate frequency for detecting vulnerabilities
  • detect such vulnerabilities across the enterprise’s public services and internal resources
  • attribute an appropriate severity rating to the vulnerability
  • link the detection capability to the enterprise change, configuration and release management processes
  • appropriately address the issues according to their vulnerability
  • confirm that remediation activities have lowered the exposure to, or removed in total, the initial vulnerability
  • perform ongoing vulnerability management through a continuous improvement lifecycle

Threat Management Framework

An effective threat management framework
enables you to:

  • identify threats that may lead to a degradation in performance, or an attack, of an enterprise resource
  • evaluate the risk that a threat presents and take appropriate action
  • direct the appropriate information about threats to the affected parties so an informed decision can be made to the response
  • ultimately have the capability to focus and utilise the security resources where most needed

The goal is to have the threat and vulnerability management systems running in harmony. This means exposure of the network is greatly reduced.

Sense of Security has years of experience protecting enterprise networks through our effective threat and risk management programs. As a result, we can assist with the development of a vulnerability management process through to the selection of appropriate supporting tools.

Developing a mature cybersecurity posture, as well as having robust systems in place to manage cybersecurity risks is just good business!

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