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Working with Office 365 (O365)

The Office 365 (O365) platform and its data are common breach targets for key threat actors who wish to extract data, elevate their privileges, abuse resources, or delete data.

O365 is one of the most widely used cloud-based business system used for email, productivity, and collaboration. With email being one of the most common vectors of attack, the need for vigilance has never been greater.

At Sense of Security, we have the experts with the knowledge to design and implement robust cyber-security strategies to help you protect your business against a breach.

Securing O365

Most attacks come from a huge array of re-invented phishing attacks, where most emails usually appear to come from a known source. It only takes an attacker to discover a single password within the whole network to gain access. The concept is so simple; the consequences can be disastrous.

Are your passwords protected?

Using weak passwords, or password re-use is a recipe for serious disruption. Unless you specifically set your accounts for Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), O365 will use the standard username and password option, which these days is not adequate. When it comes to attacks on O365, one of the main issues is weak credentials.

Password re-use is a good example of poor security practice.

By using the same password across several different platforms, such as email, social media or network sign-ins only increases the chances of hackers gaining access.

SOS expertise in securing O365

We test systems against commonly accepted best practice security configurations. We provide a step-by-step actionable remediation plan and strategy to defend against and detect complex threats. SOS will also conduct an initial discovery which will be verified via documentation review, technical interviews and manual technical assessment.

This assessment will be performed with privileged access to the platform, and will also include the assessment of the following components:

  • Authentication controls
  • Users, groups and mailboxes
  • O365 infrastructure and subscriptions
  • 3rd party tools and protection

  • Data classification, privacy, controls, and practices
  • Threat management and protection
  • Security and compliance

Taking preventative action is simply proper risk management as the consequences of an O365 breach can be disastrous.

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