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Red team exercises

A real attacker would aim to breach your defences by any means possible. The red team think like real attackers to find any weaknesses in your security.

What is the red team?

Sense of Security’s red team are consultants who put themselves in the position of motivated attackers. Their purpose is to test your security and find vulnerabilities by any means possible, just as a real attacker would. They then report back on their findings so that you can fortify your environment.

Unlike standard penetration testing, which tests a specific set of security controls, red teaming focuses on one goal: gaining access. Red teaming should be consistently reviewed as a potent preventative security option.

Through Sense of Security’s red team exercises, you’ll improve your business’s security in the following ways:

  • Identifying physical and cyber security risks
  • Reviewing staff responses to social engineering attacks, and
  • Obtaining a real-world understanding of threats to your business

By finding biases, blind spots or presumptions in your security system, red team conduct the most rigorous test possible on your security.

Our red team testing

Red teams perform a comprehensive attack simulation in which they use creative methods and the most advanced tools and technologies to breach your security. Like real attackers, they will think outside the box, and use tactics that your business may not have anticipated.

Red team testing will be broad in scope, and may include the following exercises:

  • Off-site reconnaissance
  • Remote network access
  • Physical penetration testing
  • Site assessment
  • Social engineering
  • Surveillance to identify security controls
  • Intrusion to gather cards and keys
  • Duplicating access passes
  • Picking locks, and
  • Disabling alarms

Like real attackers, the red team may deploy multiple methods simultaneously.

Cyber red team training

With your own red team, you can conduct exercises to rigorously test your security. Our expert consultants provide practical training at our offices, or we can come to you. For more information, see red team training.

Learn more about red teaming.

See our red teaming guide, which includes a fact sheet and case study. For a detailed report, see our red teaming whitepaper speak to one of our trusted cyber advisors on 1300 922 923 or make an enquiry today.