Sense of Security is one of Australia’s most trusted providers of cyber resilience, information security and risk management services.

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What we do

At Sense of Security, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to your business. We work with you to develop and maintain your cyber resilience and address your concerns. We keep up to date with the ever-changing landscape of cyber security so you can be sure your information assets are safe.

Stronger protection
with Sense of Security

We’ve all read the headlines – data breaches, malware hacks, and ransomware installation in highly secure environments.

Decision-makers can’t be operating without a solid cyber security plan backed by rigorous testing.

You need to be confident that your cyber security strategy and recovery plan will protect your business and support you as you grow.

We work across sectors and throughout the world. Partnering with us, you can feel confident in answering these questions:

  • Is our information safe and accessible?
  • Do we have the best cyber security strategy for our business?
  • Are our cyber risks identified in our company’s governance strategy?
  • Have we invested enough in identifying cyber risks?
  • Have we selected the right cyber security partner?
  • Will our cyber security risk management strategy prevent or minimise our risks in the event of a cyber-attack?
  • Do we have everything in place to ensure we return to business as usual as quickly as possible after a cyber event?

We, at Sense of Security, are highly regarded specialists in the cyber security advisory space. We work with you to ensure you meet your compliance obligations. We achieve this through our rigorous testing processes and the strategies we work with you to implement.

We partner with our clients across all industries, including banking and finance, health care, retail, service providers, utilities, and telecommunications.

We work with all levels of government and organisations from across all industries. We are one of the few organisations in Australia selected to work with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on the Cyber Cooperation Program for developing nations in the Indo-Pacific.

Whatever the size of your business, whatever your industry, protecting your infrastructure and information assets is our goal.

Your partner in an
unfriendly cyber world

When you partner with Sense of Security, you’ve taken the first step on a path to continuing cyber resilience.

We work with you to adapt your approach and strategy, to the ever-changing requirements of cyber security and your business needs.

We can tailor our services to you based on your security objectives and compliance needs.

Our team can help you develop governance frameworks and security awareness to support critical decision-making by your leadership team.

Our flexible service offering means we’re happy with a one-off engagement or as part of a broader program leading your organisation to industry-recognised certification (e.g. ISO 27001 or PCI DSS).

The choice is yours. Our expert team can work with you on a per-project, ongoing or retainer basis.

You benefit from our deep technical knowledge in identifying vulnerability and risk across all technologies. Our advisory security services include:

We can step you through processes such as the ACSC Essential Eight, or deliver tailored training programs. Whatever your needs, you will benefit from our deep insight, our experience, and the research we present.

The ACSC Essential Eight

To prevent malware delivery

  1. Whitelist applications to prevent non-approved applications from executing on your system
  2. Configure Microsoft Office macro settings to block macros from the internet and prevent them delivering and executing malicious code
  3. Patch applications to reduce security vulnerabilities that can be used to execute malicious code
  4. Harden user applications to prevent Flash, ads and Java from delivering and executing malicious code

To limit the extent of cyber security incidents

  1. Restrict administrative privileges to prevent malicious actors from gaining full access to information and systems
  2. Use multi-factor authentication to make it harder for adversaries to access your sensitive information or systems
  3. Patch operating systems to reduce security vulnerabilities that can be used to compromise your system
  4. Make daily backups to ensure information can be accessed again following a cyber security incident

Sense of Security is your trusted cyber security partner. Our reputation is built on professionalism, integrity and excellence.

Talk to one of our experienced advisors on 1300 922 923 or make an enquiry today.