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Telecom security

Every Australian business is at risk of phone hacking. With telecom network security, you safeguard your business against costly hacking events.

The threat of phone hacking

Every day in Australia, a business is targeted by phone hackers, also known as ‘phreakers’. When hackers gain access to your phone systems, they can use your account to make expensive long-distance calls, on-sell the use of your phone system, listen to your voicemail activity or disable your voice communications system entirely.

In most cases, you would be unaware of the hacking until you receive a large bill or find out from an external source that your data or communications systems have been compromised.

Sense of Security’s telecom security services protect your telephone system from hacker attacks. We conduct audits to assess your system’s security and provide recommendations on how to expertly secure telephone equipment.

Securing your telephone lines

Our expert consultants understand the tools and techniques that hackers use to gain access to systems. Based on your business’s telecom security needs, we provide recommendations on how to best defend against attacks.

Our telecom security services include:

  • Penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities
  • Assessment of system architecture
  • Review of system configuration
  • Comprehensive reporting, and
  • Recommendations on procedural and strategic

Telephone system attacks cause financial damage from which many businesses find it difficult to recover as phone service users are responsible for securing their own lines.

With Sense of Security’s services, you protect against phone security risks.

Our experience

Our consultants are fluent in PBX/PABX and VoIP-based systems. We are proficient in telecom security standards and VoIP security best practices.

Sense of Security has broad experience with enterprise phone systems, including Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Lucent and Alcatel. Our expertise extends to voicemail and landline security.

Protect your business from a costly phone hacking incident.

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