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ACSC Essential Eight and Sense of Security

A strong combination
How do you reduce your business’s exposure to cyber risk? If that’s your challenge, we’re happy to help. The Australian Cyber Security Centre Essential Eight offers a thorough, research-based starting point.

At Sense of Security, we have the experts with the knowledge to design and implement robust cyber-security strategies to help you protect your business, based on the Essential Eight.

What is the Essential Eight?

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is our country’s first line of defence against cybercrime.

The agency developed its Essential Eight for businesses and government, using knowledge gained while carrying out vital work protecting our government.

The Essential Eight help organisations and government agencies build sound cyber resilience.

It is a list of strategies you can use as a solid base from which to protect your business against cyber-attacks.

No single risk mitigation strategy is guaranteed to prevent a cyber-security breach, so we recommend that you implement the eight essential strategies to make it harder for adversaries to compromise your systems.

The Essential Eight address two main areas of concern:

  • Preventing malware delivery and execution, and
  • Limiting the extent of cyber-security incidents.

Each of these areas needs to be covered by four points on the Essential Eight list.

For maximum protection, the Essential Eight needs to be executed in a specific order. See the Essential Eight for a full list and explanations.

Sense of Security and the ACSC Essential Eight

While implementing the ACSC Essential Eight may be a big task, it is more cost-effective than to fend off a large-scale security attack.

For the strongest protection for your business, you need experts to guide you on how to manage your cyber-security. It’s a never ending job.

Our years of experience, Sense of Security can help you develop a thorough cyber-security plan tailored to your business needs.

See our full list of IT security services and information on web application security and we offer a range of training services to upskill your staff.

Let Sense of Security expertly implement the Essential Eight to protect your business better.

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