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Social Engineering

Social engineering is the art of influencing employees into disclosing classified information, which would ultimately be used to gain unsanctioned access into a system or physical building

Social Engineering and the human factor

Exploiting human kindness or curiosity is the main draw card to criminals. It’s an easy substitute to hack into a system or infiltrate a firewall.

In addition, hackers may try to exploit a user’s lack of knowledge where employees don’t realise the full value of personal data and are unsure how to best protect this information.

Social Engineering Attacks

Over 70% of all reported cyber breaches across the globe are a result of the ‘human-factor.’

The following are some of the most common.


Phishing scams are attempts by scammers to trick individuals into giving out personal information such as your bank account details, passwords and credit card numbers.

It can trick the recipient to click on a link that installs malware or opens attachments containing malware.

Spear phishing

This is a more targeted and specific version of normal phishing.

Spear phishing focuses on one user or organisation.

This allows the message to be less noticeable as well as causing the attack to be harder to detect.


The “Trojan Horse” attack. This works by using physical media (such as USB sticks) in the hope human curiosity and greed will take the bait.

A malware-infected mechanism is left out in the open to be unsuspectingly found.

The discoverer then takes the device and plugs the device into their computer, uploading the malware into their system. This allows the hacker to access their network.


When unofficial individuals follow official individuals into an otherwise secure site. The goal is mainly to acquire valuable property or confidential information.

With the on-going advances in cyber security, network defences, encryption and smarter detection, cyber-attackers look for easier targets which increasingly mean the soft underbelly represented by …. people!

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