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Cyber security


Our security consultants conduct their own research into bleeding edge technologies to provide security vulnerability intelligence to our customers.

We are regularly engaged to conduct vulnerability research on behalf of vendors and clients launching new products in both hardware and software. We also contribute to industry leading benchmarks, such as those produced by the Centre for Internet Security.

Our goal is to be an accurate, reliable, and trusted source of vulnerability and threat intelligence to our customers. We release research and IT security advisories to the public domain in accordance with industry accepted responsible disclosure practices.

Some of our current research areas include:

    • Smart phone and mobility security
    • Virtualisation security
    • Application security in enterprise software
    • DDoS
    • Container Security
    • Mobile Application Development training
    • DevSecOps

Some of our previous research areas include:

    • VoIP security
    • Bluetooth
    • 802.11 wireless security
    • RFID use in corporate security
    • Wireless use in the hospitality sector for point of sale
    • Commercial magnetic strip use

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