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Host level security

Building a secure system on a shaky foundation is risky. The security of your software depends on the security performance of the environment it runs in. That includes the operating system of individual computers and servers. Most successful hacks through the host layer are enabled by poorly configured or misconfigured systems.

Sense of Security can conduct a thorough host level security assessment – including configuration assessment – that benchmarks each operating system against industry best practices. Our assessment will to determine whether your hosts have been appropriately

‘hardened’ to provide the best protection against current and emerging threats.

We can then advise on appropriate configuration management to harden your systems and maintain that level of security as they change over time.

Why host level security is key

It is easy to focus on the security of the software we use and forget about the hardware and software that ‘hosts’ it – our desktops, laptops, mobile devices, their operating systems and configurations.

Are you certain that your host level security is secure enough to run the software that you depend on?

If there is a security weakness in the hosts of your software, you will be vulnerable regardless of the security you use, or design into, your software.

Strong host security addresses the key aspects of your hosts, including hardware, software, server and storage components. It ensures you are equipped to defend yourself against, and appropriately respond to, cyber-attacks, when they occur.

Our host level security assessment

Sense of Security’s host level security assessment provides insight into your host security configuration and includes aspects that cannot be seen from the network. This allows us to identify, and address, your additional weaknesses and exposures to cyber risk.

Our in-house assessment includes a configuration assessment, desktop documentation audit and internal stakeholder interviews. We conduct this in line with the SANS Security Assessment Methodology and Centre for Internet Security benchmarks to deliver an industry best practice approach to reviewing host security.

The technologies we review include:

  • Operating systems
  • Database servers
  • Firewalls
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Web proxies and servers
  • Application and mail servers.

A host level security assessment can be performed separately or in conjunction with a penetration test. These are complementary tests and model threats from different perspectives.

Configuration management

Getting your host configuration right is not a set-it-and-forget-it event. Hosts change over time with security patches and upgrades, and your requirements of your host will also change with new software and other technology changes.

Following our configuration assessment, we can advise you on your configuration management process so that you can maintain the hard edge to your host security.

Comprehensive security

Any weaknesses we identify in your cyber security can be addressed with a range of IT security services. Our team is specialised and certified in cloud security and database security.

We will ensure your systems and applications have been appropriately hardened to give you the best protection against existing, new and emerging threats.

Trust Sense of Security to strengthen your host level security with a host level security assessment.

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