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Cyber security for the Education sector

The education sector is a prime target for malicious hackers who seek to disrupt operations or to gain financially by compromising systems at schools, universities and colleges. They also have extensive insider issues with inquisitive and disruptive students, the open nature of their networks, and the sheer scale of campus networks.

Education sector under threat

Education facilities are frequent targets for ransomware, DDoS attacks and data breaches. Organisations in the education sector turn to Sense of Security to review and secure systems and to improve their approach to cybersecurity to ensure data protection and maintain student and staff privacy.

Ensuring that your systems and procedures maintain the highest level of cyber security is imperative in today’s threat landscape. In the education sector, it’s often human error that leads to the most devastating consequences.

What we do

Sense of Security helps education organisations secure data and systems.


  • Provide strategic advice on effective approaches to security
  • Help you align security to your organisational goals, and
  • Assist in risk management to combat an ever-evolving range of threats.

Data security

At Sense of Security, we understand the specific demands facing organisations that have Student Management Systems, Campus Wireless Networking and Online Curriculum Systems.

We can protect and secure your data through multi-pronged solutions that address the unique risks faced by educational organisations across Australia. Our goal is to ensure schools and universities can operate openly and securely without risking disruption and data loss.

Learn more about how we support clients secure their data.

Privacy compliance

Privacy and compliance with Commonwealth and state privacy acts and principles is fundamental to the education sector. The Sense of Security privacy team has been ensuring organisations meet their privacy obligations and notification requirements for 20 years in Australia and overseas.

Learn more about how we help clients comply with privacy requirements.

Incident response

A well-prepared Incident Response (IR) Plan is key in today’s threat landscape. Sense of Security offers a comprehensive service that improves IR maturity levels. It includes a dedicated 24 x 7 year-round IR hotline for peace of mind. You get access to the resources and knowledge you need to help execute your IR plan perfectly.

Learn more about how we can help you develop and implement an incident response plan.

Security training

Information security awareness training is the answer to increasing information security awareness for your staff and students. We can assist you in providing your staff and students with the knowledge they need to remain vigilant in today’s threat landscape.

Want to implement security training in your organisation? Learn how with Sense of Security.

Sense of Security is your trusted cyber security partner in the Education Sector.

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Education industry case studies

Higher Education Institution


The client approached Sense of Security following a Distributed Denial of Service attack that caused frequent outages of its online student services. With additional work required to remediate infrastructure faults causing weaknesses in its digital platforms, Sense of Security was engaged to provide a broader service in the area of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).


  • Undertook consultation and review process to identify appropriate strategies required to resolve DDoS vulnerabilities.
  • Designed, implemented a measured DDoS testing program.

Australian University


This client engaged Sense of Security to test its Student Management System (SMS) prior to launch, ensuring protection of sensitive data across web, mobile and cloud platforms storing enrolment, course management and examination information.


  • Developed and implemented a testing program and remediation/retesting process to ensure faults had been remedied.
  • Presented key risks to the University for internal management..
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