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DevOps and SecOps security

DevOps offers incredible value to businesses. With robust DevOps security practices, you can significantly increase the speed and efficiency of your application life cycle.

Security automation for DevOps

DevOps practices and tools enable businesses to deliver applications and services with increased speed. While incredibly valuable for businesses, DevOps comes with its own security issues and requirements.

Sense of Security’s DevSecOps (or ‘security automation for DevOps’) allows you to build applications and services with speed and agility, while ensuring your security needs are met.

We guide your business in the process of automating vulnerability testing—concurrent with development—while ensuring the security of the entire DevOps environment.

Security risks for DevOps

SecOps, or security operations, were once considered a hindrance to DevOps. Today, DevSecOps has increased the pace and agility of developments.

For businesses using DevOps, a variety of security issues could occur. Some specific security risks include:

  • Neglecting to consider security in the design phase of a project
  • Lack of secure coding awareness and best practice
  • A single-minded focus on availability (uptime) overshadowing other areas for improvement
  • Incorporating vulnerabilities by using third-party software libraries
  • Mis-configuring systems and creating system hardening errors.

Our approach

Sense of Security help you integrate security into the DevOps environment (DevSecOps).

We want to ensure that security is a low friction (highly automated) parallel activity, covering all aspects of the service delivery to give you confidence that your production deployments are secure.

We integrate security in a “Shift Left” fashion – meaning that security visibility and actions occur as close to the origin of the activities as possible.

If our clients’ activities and artefacts that produce the environment are secured at source, the product will inherently be more secure.

Our DevSecOps approach

We cover everything from the new design, to planning meetings with Product Development and Operations teams; as well as with your external cloud environment engineering provider.

We want to observe and provide you with advice on our Shift Left approach.

Security across the full stack

Our objective is to identify where and how security can be effectively integrated across the full stack. The full stack covers everything in the cloud – infrastructure, platforms, operating systems and applications. This includes:

  • App delivery
  • Apps within containers (including third party components)
  • Attack surface minimisation
  • Cloud Edge
  • Configuration of components uses in the cloud
  • Configuration of containers
  • Configuration of the cloud platforms
  • Containers
  • Containers Orchestration
  • (Distributed) Denial of Service Protection – DDoS
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Repository Security (Repo)
  • Software Development
  • Remote Access
  • Perimeter Security
  • Run time dynamic security
  • Networking environments within AWS (VPC’s)
  • Operating systems (OS) and apps running on these OS’s (including 3rd party apps)
  • Web apps

We will work collaboratively with you and your 3rd-party providers to determine where your security needs to be addressed.

Industry thought leaders

Sense of Security is one of Australia’s leading security advisories. Our experts continuously conduct research, present at conferences, and deliver white papers.

At Sense of Security we present on traditional security in high-velocity environments at national and international conferences.

Our Advanced Security Automation in DevOps explores the practical side of DevOps cyber resilience.

Or read our white paper on DevSecOps – Agility with Security.

Improve your DevOps practices with effective DevSecOps and security automation.

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