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Cyber attacks are launched, and many are successful, because organisations and people are incredibly vulnerable to attack due to flaws in the components that make up any system – people, process and technology.

With hackers enhancing their skills and finding more sophisticated methods of attack, organisations still are not prioritising cyber security. While most are under the assumption of ‘it won’t happen to me’ and then become reactive once an attack has occurred, others just don’t understand the threats that hackers present or the importance of cyber security to an organisation.

Through our data sheets, Sense of Security (SOS) will be aiming to shine the light on cyber security topics that are arising and ever increasing in the world today.

SOS will strive to contribute to the body of security knowledge, share their expertise and help organisations reduce security risk.

If a business wishes to survive, let alone prosper, it must grasp the importance of cyber security and put into place appropriate measures and processes.

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