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Cyber Security Awareness Training Program

The cyber world is changing at an alarming pace

In today’s fast pace world of technology, information security controls and processes are constantly changing. To follow suit, ongoing training is necessary to keep up with the maturation of attacks and adapt to outside forces.

Historically, organisations have invested extensively in security mitigation through a myriad of hardware and software solutions, that despite their technical capabilities, are not alone adequate to solve the problem.

Technology represents only one dimension of the response we can make to manage down cyber risk. We now have extremely capable adversaries who are adapting their techniques to exploit the weakest element in the environment. Invariably, this relates to the most valuable asset in the organisation – its people.

Threats like these require an approach that can meet this challenge and the people to lead and deliver confidence in the face of adversity.

Boardroom – to – Basement Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our approach is leading in the industry. While there are many training solutions, broad improvements will only be the result of a program that is planned and executed with diligence and finesse addressing the specific requirements of your organisation.

We adopt a consultative approach, engaging with the key stakeholders in your business to understand your current activities, your existing policies and your regulatory requirements – as they relate to awareness training.

We develop a strategic plan specifically for your business. This plan is actionable and the results will be self-evident. The plan will be comprehensive in its approach and will cover all personnel within your business including the board. This is the concept of Boardroom to Basement.

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