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Container security

Containers offer huge advantages and are a critical link in the DevOps chain. You need to know how to secure your business’s containers for the security of everything that uses them.

Containers and container security

Containers offer huge advantages by creating stable, isolated environments that allow an application to run consistently and efficiently in a variety of computing environments.

best, containers should create an isolation boundary at the application level rather than at the server level. That contains any problems – like excessive consumption of resources by a process – within the container and prevents it contaminating the whole server.

Using containers also simplifies and accelerates your build-test-deploy pipeline – as long as you ensure that your orchestration is managed appropriately. Orchestration is when you manage the deployment and scaling of containers. It is where different products, security and others, integrate and automate tasks across products using workflows. Orchestration allows for end user oversight and interaction.

We can also help you with your orchestration automation processes and ensure that they will support your cyber resilience.

When containers are implemented well, they are relatively secure compared to other types of software environments. But container security relies on the container configuration, runtime security settings, continuous monitoring, vulnerability management and the integrity of any third-party code within the containers.

The larger the container – the more software running in the container – the more vulnerable it is. Having poor east-west (internal server to internal server) control rules can increase risk too.

Just like any other type of technology, containers come with their own security risks that need to be properly managed.

Container security needs

Whatever your vulnerabilities, we can help you maintain full security of containers to reap the benefits that come with their use, including:

  • Intrinsic security of the kernel
  • Attack surface reduction
  • Container configuration
  • Hardening of the kernel and how it interacts with containers.

Your container security issues may relate to third-party code insecurity, lack of run-time security or a lack of continuous monitoring. You don’t need to know all the answers, just call us today and start with the questions.

Container security presentation

Our container security presentation gives you the tools and knowledge you need to implement container security.

Come to our offices, or our expert consultants can come to yours. The container presentation covers the following essentials:

  • What containers are
  • How to benefit from containers, and
  • Essential steps to securing containers.

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Our experts on container security

Sense of Security has leading experts on IT security that present on cyber security at conferences in Australia and abroad. Examples include AISA 2018

ACSC 2018 and RSA USA 2018 and 2019.

Our reputation proceeds us. We’re expert in the complex world of cyber security advisory services.

Securing your containers can deliver you incredible business outcomes protected by solid cyber security.

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