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Physical penetration testing

Integrating cyber and physical security
Physical security is essential to information security. Ignoring physical security could undermine all your other business controls.

Penetration testing your physical security

Our job doesn’t stop at cyber security. Sense of Security’s physical security experts test the physical controls that protect your business’s data and equipment. We understand the challenges involved in the physical security of cyber systems and can identify vulnerabilities in these controls.

Many organisations focus on cyber security at the expense of their physical security. Gaps in their physical security undermine their other security controls. Here are some common vulnerabilities we find:

  • Inadequately installed or unlocked perimeter doors fire escapes
  • Insufficient ceiling and wall space security
  • Outdated and vulnerable access card/badge deployment
  • Hardware – servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices – left unlocked and unattended.

Sense of Security can identify the holes in your physical security systems and work with your security team to improve systems and procedures. Robust physical security will further protect your digital assets from unauthorised access.

Assessing your physical site security

Sense of Security’s physical site security assessments test your physical security systems to expose any gaps in your controls. Based on what they find, our experts will provide recommendations to improve your physical security procedures and processes.

Our experienced consultants use real-world scenarios and think like intruders to assess your existing physical security barriers and identify areas of vulnerability.

Some techniques our testers use include:

  • Attempting to talk their way into a secure facility
  • Tailgating employees through doors
  • Access card cloning
  • Social engineering
  • Attempting to enter offices and computer rooms
  • Installing rogue devices
  • USB drops
  • Circumventing alarms
  • Disabling cameras.

After our assessment, we will report on identified vulnerabilities and provide practical steps you can take to improve your security. After you’ve made your improvements, we can test again to measure the improvement.

Download our physical penetration testing checklist to perform a preliminary assessment of your physical security before speaking to one of our trusted cyber advisors on 1300 922 923 or make an enquiry today.