The State of Web Application Security in Australia

Nearly 1 in 2 business web applications in Australia are vulnerable to cyber-attacks

Sense of Security has released the first ever Australian Cyber Security benchmark study built on 12 months of continuous Web Application Penetration test reports.

This comprehensive document clearly demonstrates those in Australia who think their web apps are safe-and-sound could be vulnerable. Co Author and SOS Founder, Jason Edelstein, “Web applications are part of the basic building blocks of the Internet, and a major portion of those who think their web assets are secure, are in fact, potentially vulnerable.”

SOS collated and examined data from 175 Web Application Penetration test reports over the past 12 months and came up with 3,670 findings. 41% of the findings show that companies and institutions are at medium to high risk, and from those, 6% of the findings found serious web app vulnerabilities and are rated at a high risk of attack.

Edelstein said, “we are coming from a very large sample over a relatively short time period, the report is a perfect benchmark for everybody concerned with Cyber Risk.

Based on the depth and breadth of the report, the notion of thinking “everything is OK” has been comprehensively rebutted.

Click here to download our comprehensive report.