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Security Awareness Training Program (SATP)

The current security threat landscape is replete with aggressive, tenacious and pernicious threats. Today’s attackers are typically highly trained, financially motivated and possibly in the employ of nation states.

Our adversaries tend to have extensive monetary and human resources and the capability to deliver exceptionally well planned, fine-tuned and orchestrated attacks. Motivations now range from political influence, vandalism and theft of customer data and intellectual property to ransom and extortion on an industrial scale.

A cyberattack can jeopardise operations and create reputational and brand damage, which causes irreparable harm to larger companies and threatens the very existence of smaller ones.

Cyberattacks can also bring public infrastructure to its knees.

Historically, organisations have invested extensively in mitigation through a myriad of hardware and software solutions, that despite their technical capabilities, are not alone adequate to solve the problem. Technology represents only one dimension of the response we can make to manage down cyber risk. We now have extremely capable adversaries who are adapting their techniques to exploit the weakest element in the environment. Invariably, this relates to the most valuable asset in the organisation – its people.

Threats like these require an approach that can meet this challenge and the people to lead and deliver confidence in the face of adversity.

Download the below datasheet and case study to get a better understanding of how Cyber Security Awareness Training can help your organisation.

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